How to reassure your staff and assist with remote working

We’ve seen plenty of helpful information being shared already about how to get set up from home. Many of you will have already explored new technology and will be settling into a new temporary normal of remote working.  This new … Continue Reading

How the Xero App Ecosystem is transforming all kinds of businesses

Small businesses, bookkeepers, accountants –  we’re all in the same boat when it comes to adopting new tech. We’re all business owners who want to find ways to serve our customers and clients faster and more efficiently. We can all … Continue Reading

Thursday 26th March – 1st Week of social distancing done!

I want to hold my hand up today and say – Today I am struggling.  I am struggling with my emotions and coming to terms with the enormity of our current situation.  When I heard the words ‘Pandemic’ – I … Continue Reading

Important Coronavirus Update – 21/03/2020 – Please Read!

Coronavirus update – 21/03/2020 – Keeping you up to date with support available for your small business   There was a lot of support announced yesterday and we are bringing you news on the support for your business, employed and … Continue Reading

Why we think mental health awareness is so important

Last month the FF team took a trip to Xerocon (the biggest accounting software conference in the UK). This year, the theme of the event was community and purpose. About the why and the who of what we do. We … Continue Reading

Why we have an 8 week lead time before taking on a new client

We expect to get things fast these days. When we can get a product signed, sealed and delivered to our door on the same day we ordered it, we become more and more conditioned to on-demand services.  There’s a lot … Continue Reading

Don’t just talk to your prospects and clients, really help them

Talking to new people is great. Talking with your clients often is lovely too, and crucial to maintaining a good relationship.  We love a good chit chat. We make it very clear in our values that we’re the kind of … Continue Reading