Sabine wanted to take back control of her finances.

To expand the knowledge and capacity of her business, Sabine has often relied on outsourced solutions to add to the skills and resources of her team. Like a lot of business owners, bringing in external financial support felt like a sensible and logical step. However, when the reports kept being delayed and the figures didn’t look as expected, Sabine decided that she needed to regain some control.

Sabine is the founder of Zetteler, a creative agency who provide PR, marketing and strategic support to creative brands. It’s a competitive and ever-changing industry so it’s important to have robust systems, processes and finances in place if you are to stay ahead.

Collaboration and partnerships are at the heart of Zetteler’s relationships with their own clients, so their bookkeeper’s elusive nature and secretive systems was at odds to that of Sabine’s business.

This detachment made the frustration of delayed reporting and periods of silence even worse, as Sabine and her team were unable to pick up where the bookkeeper had left off and fill in the gaps. Their financial reporting was falling further behind and they had no means of fixing the problem themselves.

Realising that manual bookkeeping may be at the heart of the problem, Sabine and her team began to research cloud based solutions and discovered Xero. It was at Xero’s annual conference, Xerocon, in 2015 that they met Emma and were introduced to Fresh Financials.

After the initial bookkeeping Health Check and resulting tidy up, Fresh Financials worked closely with Sabine and her team to help them to reconnect with Zetteler’s finances.

Working in partnership; systems and processes have been created and streamlined, that enable both Zetteler and Fresh Financials to work seamlessly together. All of Sabine’s team have had training on Xero so there are no more secrets surrounding the figures. This has helped Sabine to regain her trust in the business’s finances as well as removing the stress and headache of late and delayed figures.

With trust finally restored in the bookkeeping, the next step was to build up monthly reporting that has enabled Sabine to extract the information that she really needs. Now, instead of chasing an elusive bookkeeper, Sabine is looking at forecasts and planning on expanding her team. Two things that wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support of Fresh Financials.