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Everything you need to know about daily bookkeeping, improving your cash flow, which apps work best for you firm and what it’s like working with Fresh Financials.

FAQ’s Accordion

We mean, know your financial position down to the day, be ahead of the game, be empowered. Read more >
This new temporary normal relies on technology to make it work. But it also relies on people. Here’s our remote working strategy, from a people perspective. Read more >
Find something that is easy to use, capable of generating reports and able to grow and flex with your business as it changes. Read more >
There are 800 plus apps on the marketplace, so it can feel a little daunting going in and looking around. When you can identify the areas in which you need help – cash flow, project management, people management, payroll… you’re in a better place to identify the right app solution. Read more >
If you’re not using a good online accounting system, you don’t have real time data at your fingertips, which is the crux of the cash flow crisis. Read more >
You don’t run a business once a month, or once a week. You’re running a business daily. So, it makes sense to track what’s going on financially, daily. Read more >
We become a true part of your business, and because your bookkeeping and financials are the core to everything you do, the relationship is a trusted one we don’t take for granted. Read more >
You might be looking at your numbers and thinking something just feels off. Now’s the time for a business health check. Read more >
It’s not just about having the numbers daily, it’s about what having the numbers daily enables you do to. Read more >
We took the best apps for a spin, whittled down our shortlist, and assembled them into a smart and streamlined internal workflow. We’ve been using it for ages here at FF HQ, and now we’re letting you in on the secret. Read more >
Here are three signs that you may be reaching the point where you should consider outsourcing. Read more >
You may have invested in a move to cloud accounting, but if your Xero accounts are a mess then this can really hold back the additional services your business adviser can bring to the table. Don’t worry though: if your accounts are in a jumble then there is a way to remove the mess and perform a bookkeeping rescue job. Read more >
You might find yourself being asked by your bookkeeper to login to Xero and renew the bank connection, and it might seem often, especially if you have multiple bank accounts. This is because the connection needs to be renewed every 90 days because of EU standards enacted on the 14th March 2020. This new banking practice is referred to in the UK as ‘Open Banking’ and it changes the way third parties access bank data. Read more

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