‘ReFresh Financials’ – Why it was time for a new-look brand

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that the old Fresh Financials logo has gone, and a new, refreshed logo has taken its place.



So, why did we decide that now was the time for a change? In this brief Q&A blog post, Emma explains the thinking behind our new-look brand, and what it means for the future of Fresh Financials.


Q. Why update the brand?

As many great ideas begin, the original logo was created over a glass of wine. My friend and I sat at my dining room table and scribbled some designs. The colours were bright – which I loved – but at the end of the day, it was just a logo, not a brand representative of Fresh Financials as a whole.

The brightness and vibrancy reflected our personality, but recently I felt it wasn’t ready to grow with the business. It was time for a new, polished, professional look.


Q. What did you want the new brand to represent?

I wanted the brand to truly capture our personality, and for the words ‘Fresh Financials’ to leap from wherever they were printed. At-a-glance, I wanted the visuals to stand apart. That’s why we went with a vibrant colour palette, and a font full of character to match.


Q. How did you decide on the specific colours and font?

Together with Karen and Col of The Profitable Firm, we drilled down into what I wanted the colours to depict. Col pitched me some ideas of complementary colour schemes, and we then whittled things down to the brand you see today.

The bright sunshine yellow combines with the purple (a nod to our feminine side) to show how fun and colourful a firm we are. Meanwhile, the font is strong, easily legible, and not too squishy! It’s a little bit different – just like us.


Q. What does the new brand mean for Fresh Financials?

It gives us a more professional image across every brand touchpoint. From our website and social media, to stationery and swag, it’s clean and clear, like our business offering.


Q. And what does it mean for our clients?

It demonstrates that we’re not set in our ways. That we’re passionate about growth and development. And for prospective clients, it gives them a quick insight into the type of firm we are – fun and professional.

If you would like to find out more about how we have worked with businesses like yours, you can read our case studies here: https://www.freshfinancials.com/case-studies/