The next time you call us, you could be chatting to a bonafide celebrity… 

No, sadly we haven’t hired Ed Sheeran to man the phone lines.

Instead, our very own Emma Fox has been featured in ‘The Pacesetters’, a book published by Xero to celebrate the UK’s cloud accounting trailblazers.

And while we don’t expect to see Emma on the cover of Heat anytime soon, her inclusion has certainly prompted a huge amount of excitement in the office. We see it as yet another indication that we’re at the forefront of doing things right.

We embraced technology quite early on, and it’s now paying dividends as we’re able to deliver effective and efficient accounting services to clients of all shapes and sizes – and have Xero sit up and take notice!

What is ‘The Pacesetters’ about?

The book, written by Doug LaBahn and Josh Drummond, is about the British accountancy firms (and the people behind them) who are shaking up their respective industries.

It includes sixteen Q&As with various pacesetting cloud accounting professionals, chronicling their experiences with the cloud, and Xero in particular. In Emma’s Q&A, she discusses her first encounter with Xero, her first trip to Xerocon, the impact of the cloud on growth and relationships, and the many ways clients have benefitted. Speaking of which…

How does the book help our clients?

First of all, if you get your hands on the book, you’ll enjoy some terrific insight from Emma and her fellow accountants into what makes the cloud so important in today’s modern workplace. There’s a lot to learn about the cloud!

And secondly, this has further reinforced the relationship between Fresh Financials and Xero. We’re already award-winning Gold Partners, and by staying (quite literally) in Xero’s good books, we can continue to offer great value and expertise to our clients.

Pick up a copy of ‘The Pacesetters’

You can grab your own copy of the book at the following places:

Want to learn more about Xero?

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