One-to-one coaching for Bookkeepers who want to grow their business but don’t know how to start

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“Any business owner can be a bookkeeper these days”.

That’s the fear, right? With automated tech solutions and hundreds of apps, there’s less need for a bookkeeper to swoop in and save the day.

And yet, clients are still knocking at the door.

That’s because your clients don’t want to be bookkeepers. They don’t want to worry about compliance on top of all their other responsibilities. They want their financial tasks to be efficient and uncomplicated, and their results to be good.

Tech is making our lives easier as bookkeepers

In reality, Xero is changing the game for bookkeepers, not just their clients. Less time spent on standard tasks means:

  • More focus on strategic planning in your own firm
  • More opportunity to offer higher level services to your clients
  • More freed up time to take on more clients or phase out the ones who aren’t a fit

And most importantly, a chance to fall back in love with your work.

Plus, no spreadsheets, no ugly reports. Thank the tech Gods!

Switching to Xero is a puzzle piece, but it’s not the whole picture

That being said, even with the software at our fingertips it can be hard to make a change. From our experience working with bookkeepers all over the world, we’ve found that even those with an entrepreneurial mindset can experience hurdles:

  • It feels easier said than done –  Don’t you just hate it when someone is telling you something is “so easy!”, and you’re just nodding and staring at your desktop, thinking… ‘is it?!

We’d hate for you to feel that way. We know from personal experience that Xero will make your life easier, but we also know that all change comes with its challenges. A new software comes with a process overhaul, and that can seem daunting.

That’s why we’ve set up monthly support and training packages specifically for bookkeeping business owners and bookkeeping staff. We don’t want to leave you with a software and disappear. We want you to be able to ask all the questions you need to, and learn from our experiences.

  • It’s a big leap from adopting tech to growing the business The thing is, if you simply wanted to know how the software works, you could go straight to Xero for that. What you really want is to know how adopting Xero and sourcing the right apps can actually grow your bookkeeping business.

When you sign up for one of our support packages, you’re connected with our Founder, Emma. She’ll be your dedicated coach, guide and Xero guru.

Emma is taking a step away from running the business day-to-day to coach bookkeeping business owners one on one. Though she is an expert in Receipt Bank, Chaser, Xero and Float – the coaching is about more than app expertise.

You’ll reassess your processes and plans, create milestones for growth and success, and walk through the practical steps to get there – from your software to social media, even down to what you’re reading. But most importantly you’ll worry less about cash flow. You’ll see it’s possible to plan for bigger things. You’ll learn how to do less, whilst making more profit.

  • There are too many options and too many opinions – You’ve already heard the software stories. But there’s so much noise about tech right now that making a decision about what to actually do yourself is too big, too daunting, and to…morrows problem.

American psychologist Barry Schwartz calls this the ‘paradox of choice’. When we have so many options on the table, we get overwhelmed, we overthink, and we end up choosing none of them.

We tried and tested a lot of tech over at FF HQ before we really honed The Fresh Approach.

We were fed up of all the noise too. So we’ve made it super simple. We combined our knowledge of Xero itself with the best four apps for enhancing efficiency and improving decision making. We’ve used this formula at Fresh Financials for ages. It has freed up all the time spent doing small manual tasks, so that we could do high level work with our clients.

Check out a fresh approach to bookkeeping – it’s tried and tested, and ready to roll out.

You could be doing next-level work that excites you

There really is nothing to stop you offering more to your clients and loving your work at the same time. You just need the practical support from someone who has been where you are right now, to turn that dream into a profitable process.

Emma has always had a love for the numbers, but for a long time felt like she could be doing more for clients. Offering extra. Reaching higher. Scaling up.

She wanted us to be involved in our client’s businesses in a way they’d never expect a bookkeeper to be. Xero gave us the building blocks, and she built the Fresh Approach on that foundation, so that we could really blow our client’s expectations out of the water.

We found the formula that allows us to spend little time on these tasks, give more, and get more in return. So why wouldn’t we share the good news?

Next time you’re feeling like you’re too stretched to make a change, remember you’re not the only one who has been there – take a look at how we’ve helped other bookkeepers in your position transform their business.

* Not sure if you’re ready yet? Emma will also be sharing her expertise in a series of coaching workshops in the coming months. Get yourself on the waiting list here.