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We’ll take you through Steps 1 to 3 below:

Step 1: HealthCheck

You will have already agreed to a Business HealthCheck. For this to take place, we need the following items:

  • Advisor Xero access for Emma and Lucy
  • Copies of your latest bank statements for all accounts

Step 2: Consultation

Once the HealthCheck is complete, we will set up a consultation with you, during which we will request anything else that we need, including account access as shown below

Step 3: Account Access

We will then need access to various accounts (this is dependent on what you are using). These include accounts like:

Not yet on Xero?

You will receive a Xero Setup email from us which will ask you to complete/submit the following info:

  • Legal name of Organisation
  • Financial Year End
  • VAT number
  • VAT period and scheme
  • Logo
  • Email address of accountants who need to be set up
  • Chart of accounts
  • List of banks and credit card account numbers
  • Conversion date
  • Opening balances of bank
  • Aged receivables and aged payables as at conversion date

Once you have been set up on Xero, we will take you through Steps 1 to 3 above

We can’t wait to start this journey with you

If you are unsure about the process at any stage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly team members.

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