How to create a small business budget

Businesses need budgets. Even really small ones. So how do you go about setting a business budget? What are the main things you need to put in? And what will it tell you? Bookkeeper, Emma Fox, takes us through budgeting … Continue Reading

Doubts about Cloud Accounting

Like many, many people, I knew very little about working in the cloud: that’s until I joined the team at Fresh Financials! I’ve worked for many companies that I’m sure still have separate buildings to house their networks and database … Continue Reading

The Xero Roadshow and why remote working is now the new normal

At the latest Xero Roadshow, I caused a bit of a shock wave by stating that Fresh Financials works 100% remotely, from any device, anywhere, at anytime. As a firm, we’ve been working this way successfully for quite a while … Continue Reading

Reinventing the concept of bookkeeping

Bookkeeping – stuffy ledgers, double-entry accounting and a middle-aged bookkeeper with a very loose grip on what’s fashionable in the 21st century? Wrong!