Xavier is giving our clients fast action and confidence in their numbers

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At the top of our Xero page is a big bright header that says: “Numbers shouldn’t be this much fun (but they are)”. You can see it for yourself here

This statement came from many conversations we had with clients who had a hate-hate relationship with their numbers before they realised what Xero and its integrated apps can do for them. 

Today we want to talk about one of the apps we use alongside Xero that really does make the numbers fun. And perhaps even more importantly, makes your numbers accessible so that you can act fast when times aren’t quite so fun. 

The app we’re talking about is Xavier. We use a range of cloud tools to provide better bookkeeping and help our clients run a more efficient business. But we must admit, we’re having a bit of a love affair with Xavier at the moment (shhh, don’t tell the other apps). 

Get a regular report on your performance 

Xavier is described as “a toolkit of intelligent data cleanup, bookkeeping and compliance tools for Xero Professionals”. 

It helps us to see what state your Xero account is in, and quickly pick up any anomalies if there are any. We’re able to look at our whole practice of clients at a glance and make sure everything is accurate. The app is super secure, with two factor verification required – so you don’t need to worry about the security of your information.

We use Xavier with all of our clients to:

  • Produce a beautifully designed monthly report that shows a snapshot of where your Xero account stands
  • Act fast when you need our help, or need information about their cash flow 
  • Provide a health check report for your business and give you a health check score, showing any anomalies that might be bringing it down.

We used to do a health check report at the end of the VAT period with all our clients, and the Xavier reports have really taken this to the next level. The reports will give you a health score, which helps you get a quick idea of how your books are looking. Our clients love seeing the nice green heart score!

Our team also uses Xavier to check their performance internally too. Because of the way the team works with their clients, we even find they’re always wanting to beat each others’ internal health scores. The performance analysis is addictive! (See, it can be fun). 

Xavier has enabled us to act fast for our clients during the Covid-19 crisis

All of our clients have been experiencing the effects of Covid in different ways. Through Xavier we could organise all of our clients reports, assess their profits, and see which clients we needed to contact first. 

Because each of the team is involved in their client’s business and talking to them all the time, the furlough process and tweaks were easy. We already knew if our client was in danger and could make the necessary arrangements to better their position. 

Some clients have completely flipped their offers to manage the situation, and have been very successful as a result. Because we already had the relationship and knew them so well, we were able to help them through it.

Talk to us about cleaning up your accounts so you can feel in control of your business

It’s hard to move forward in your business at any time, if you don’t have clean and accurate data. In order to get lovely shiny reports of your progress each month (or at all) your books are going to need to be healthy.

Once you have clean data, and you have access to your business performance at any time, you’re empowered with the decision making information. You know how much cash is coming in, and going out of your business. You know when profits are high, and you’ll know ahead of time when you need to prepare for difficulties. 

If you want your relationship with your bookkeeping to go from hate-hate to fun, drop us a line and let us know where you’re at.